About The Chefs

This faction of unrestrained culinary prodigies lives by one mantra “No Rules”. Lead and founded by Executive Chef Damian Brown, this team strives to push the boundaries and break the mold.

At the age of 25, Damian was already cooking in kitchens, such as those at Vidalia and Blue Duck Tavern. By the age of 28 Damian joined the team at Takoda where he became one of the youngest chefs in Washington DC. There his menus drew notable attention and impressed patrons with bold flavors and creativeness.

“The secret to their success lies in dedication, skill and boldness”

After years of working in many “traditional” kitchens, Damian grew weary of the constraints placed on his menus. Knowing that there must be better opportunities, Damian set out to recruit the most ambitious up and coming chefs in the Washington DC area. From this compulsion The Uncaged Chefs where born.

The Uncaged Chefs are always innovating, creating unusual but delicious dishes some have never seen before. Common combinations of flavors and traditional cuisine are at the opposite end of all that this work represents. These chefs live to create unforgettable and never-seen-before dishes.

The Uncaged Chefs are actively helping and motivating aspiring chefs in Washington. The fact that many in this group went from being unknown in the world to some of the most renowned chefs in the most popular city in the US is not by accident. The secret to their success lies in dedication, skill, and boldness.

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Client List

Sharece Crawford ( commissioner ward 8) Rodger beat ( music producer) Shy Glizzy ( rap artist) Justin Stewart ( Fox 5 segment producer) Ryan Seelbach ( owner of Takoda) Crystal Joseph ( Therapist) Markeef Morris ( Washington wizard basketball player) Shawn Perkins ( Painter) Supa Scotty ( Dj, digital media marketer) Jonathan Tate (private chef gig).

Notable Media Mentions

Zagat, Fox 5 Good Day DC, NBC 4, The Washingtonian, Washington City Paper, Washington Blade,  Spoon University, Brownstone and Borderstan.

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